I must say, Barack Obama, Barry Soetoro, whatever his real name is, was right. There are homegrown terrorists. What he was wrong about was who they are.
As we’ve seen from many decades of terrorism put forth by the black community, the real culprits of American homegrown terrorism are right here in our inner cities. They have been brought up to believe that violence in pursuing their cause is justified. MLK didn’t preach this, but other members of the black community have. Rev. Wright said, “GOD DAMN AMERICA!” Not ‘God, damn America,’ nor ‘God damn, America.’ Instead, “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”
Our inner cities are plagued with violence, mostly black on black, but even some black on white, tho’ in much lesser numbers. And in even lesser numbers white on black. Is it any wonder that the preponderance of those inhabiting our jails is predominantly black? Are many of those in their because of drug crimes? Likely. Were some of those crimes which were drug related of a violent nature? I’m not going to look up the statistics. I am just going to go with my gut after years of listening to news reports of the violence perpetrated in the black communities of inner city America. Certainly, mass murders are more likely to be committed by young white males, but they pale in numbers in comparison to the black on black violence of inner city America.
In essence, any use of violence, or arson, bombings, whatever, to further one’s cause can be, and should be, considered terrorism. Radical Islam uses it to further their cause, tho’ it is often seen as detrimental to their cause. Of course, if their use of terrorism is to preserve chaos, to keep others alienating their specific group, then they have certainly been effective. The majority of non-Muslim America looks on most Islamists as pariah’s, and outcasts. In fact, these Islamists fuel the hatred through their demonstrations, and celebrations.
What we see routinely in the black community, whenever a verdict goes against their own personal belief, is a resort to immediate violence, arson, rape, even murder, in essence, chaos. Chaos comes from a lack of law, or a lack of those prosecuting against lawlessness. Law may be in effect, but if the law is not enforced, if law enforcement decides to let every such incident just burn itself out, which usually results in the loss of millions of dollars in property crimes, arson, looting, etc., then the terrorist, the anarchists, have won. They haven’t proven their point. They have just used an incident which they ‘feel’ (a leftists dream) they were wronged to take advantage of the mood, the crowds, and to avail themselves of things which they didn’t work to purchase.
“The Man” has not been hurt. The police forces remain intact. The government goes on. The same players remain in power election cycle after electuion cycle. Sometimes, the names do change, but rarely. The black community would vote for a retarded hairlip running for office, if his skin color was black. With the police, the carnage will continue, as will the killing of perpetrators of crime in the black community until the black community stops its lawlessness, and law breaking, trains its children to live in peace, and to work to achieve the future they wish. Until such time, I hold out little hope for the black community, and I suspect that the terrorists will strike again when the next incident comes along.
Unless force is met with force, the chaos, carnage, anarchy will remain unabated, and the norm whenever the community gets restless, or feels it has a cause for which looting, and burning, are merited.
Rev. Wright was correct. The black communities use of terror to get its way, to ‘burn’ off steam is becoming ever more routine. “GOD DAMN AMERICA!”